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Private Maths and English Tutors

Private Tutors & Home Tutoring in Bolton, Greater Manchester

PRIVATE Tutoring in Bolton, Greater Manchester offers a private tuition and home tutoring service specialising in professional Maths and English tuition for children aged between 3 years and 16 years.

PRIVATE Tutoring provide qualified and experienced tutors. Our founder was educated at a top Bolton school and uses their local Bolton knowledge and position of principal examiner for a top exam board to help and support local children with their eleven plus (11+) exams and school entrance exams.

PRIVATE Tutoring believe children need and deserve individual attention to fully develop their potential. This is why so many parents are taking positive steps to support their children's education through private tuition that offers the great chance for academic success.

  • Maths Tutor

    Maths Tuition

    At PRIVATE Tutoring we understand the importance of Maths and numeracy skills. We can help with all aspects of learning how to deal with numbers, from basic arithmetic skills to advanced mechanics and application of maths including numbers, space and shape (geometry), algebra, statistics & probability.

  • English Tutor

    English Tuition

    Our English tuition includes all aspects of learning the English language, from developing reading and writing skills to speaking and listening skills. The tutoring is focused on English Language which mainly focuses on day-to-day English skills and English Literature which focuses on literary texts - poems, novels, short stories and plays.

  • Exam Preparation

    Exam Preparation

    Exams can be a huge ordeal at any age or stage within education. PRIVATE Tutoring provide exam preparation private tuition for school entrance exams and the eleven plus (11+). We are familiar with entry requirements for local schools in Bolton and can also assess and identify if a child has the ability to pass and how they compare with their peer group.

Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

Exam SuccessPrivate tutoring is a long term investment in your child's future - early private tuition can have a significant impact on your child's grades as they progress in school.

We have an enviable track record of helping students boost their grades.

Of equal, if less measurable, success is the phenomenally positive feedback from parents who have seen their children's confidence and attitudes to study transformed.

Education is the Key to Success